The Story of Art By Neyl

A tale of bad timing

This is the story of Art By Neyl

Many moons ago…

Once upon a time, many moons ago, a fine artist decided to approach a big art publisher. So after studying what was missing, they developed the art you can see on this website.

They spent about a year developing the art style. They created a collection of these soft fun colourful landscapes. When happy with the art, they submitted it. Fingers and toes were crossed hoping to be accepted.

Unfortunately, bad luck had already played its hand.

Oh, for a crystal ball

What the artist didn't know, was that the publisher had just signed-up a new artist whose art was similar! It wasn't the same – it wasn't as light-hearted, or as brightly coloured.

The art company didn't want two similar artists though, so they said: "No thank you".

Ho, hum, sad face.

The artist was downhearted, as you might imagine. So they put the art in their loft, out of the way, while they had a think about what to do next.

A lost treasure

One thing and another – and another – and the art stayed in the attic for a long time, hidden behind boxes of other stuff. Out of sight is out of mind, after all.

The artist went and did a whole heap of other things, and forgot about the art sitting quietly at the top of the house.

Then, one day, the artist was pondering life and luck, and suddenly remembered the lost treasure.

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